Intern at Westside

Westside strives to provide an internship ministry that creates next generation leaders. Interns are given opportunities to serve in areas they are passionate about while receiving extra leadership training.  
Whether your call is to work in a church, a school or a business – we are all called to be missionaries of the Gospel. The internship ministry may be your next step in exploring your calling.  
If you are interested in applying to our internship program, email  
[email protected]

Meet Our Interns

Alex Dempsey

Youth, teaching, leadership

Annie Zollinger

Kids, youth, administrative, missions

Stephen Neese

Teaching, college ministry, theology

Callie Stottelmire

Youth, college, adult worship

Haley Heard

Kids, youth, missions

Easton Santoro

Youth Leadership

Bruce Lee

College, teaching, hospitality

Alysa Santoro

Youth Leadership

Ben Grody

Youth & college worship

Richie Kim

High school, college, teaching, missions

Gabriella Barnhill

College Leadership