Restricted Area – KEEP OUT
There are places that are not safe to go. Boundaries have been set up for us from the time we are born in order to protect us. There are baby gates that keep us from falling down stairs, double yellow lines on the road to keep us in our lane, and barriers that keep us from a hazardous construction zone. The purpose of these boundaries is not to keep us from fun and enjoyment. They are put in place in order to keep us secure for our own good. To an infinitely greater degree, God has placed boundaries in our lives in order to protect us from spiritual harm. Beginning, Sunday, June 26th, we will kick-off a new teaching series entitled “Restricted Area – KEEP OUT.”  We will take a journey through the Ten Commandments and see how the Lord has laid out His best for us.

our mission

"The mission of Westside is to connect this generation to Christ and His church."