Join us live or in-person this Sunday!

What should be your top priorities in 2022? What investments of your time, talent and treasure will produce the most impact that will last? Thousands of years ago, the Lord spoke through a prophet named Haggai to His chosen people who were struggling to find their way in this world. What God shared with the Jews long ago applies to us today. The same Lord who worked in their lives is still working in our world and in your life. Come and join us as we discover God’s eternal wisdom concerning what we should focus on in 2022.

We will kick off a new teaching series titled “Priorities” on Sunday, January 23th where we will journey through the book of Haggai. Come join us and invite someone to attend with you.

- Pastor Craig Cramer

our mission

"The mission of Westside is to connect this generation to Christ and His church."