Join us in person or online this Sunday!

We are looking forward to meeting together in person on campus this Sunday at 9:00am for our blended service and at 10:30am for our modern service. We are kicking off a brand new teaching series entitled, "So Will I."

All the universe praises the Lord (Psalm 19:1, 66:4) as it displays the power of God. Jesus said if people do not worship him, “the stones will cry out” (Luke 19:40, NIV). If the created world proclaims the greatness of God, we should too. Hillsong Worship wrote a powerful song that is titled, “So Will I.” We cannot experience true joy and fulfillment without recognizing and worshiping God. Beginning the weekend of August 8-9 we start a new teaching series titled “So Will I” as we journey through many of the Psalms in the Bible focusing on ways in which we are called to praise the Lord.

It is going to be an awesome day at Westside Church! We can not wait to see you and your family!

our mission

"The mission of Westside is to connect this generation to Christ and His church."