trust us, We get it...

Starting conversations at home can sometimes be like pulling teeth!
Who hasn't heard this from their children at least once?

*Parent* - "What did you learn today?"
*Student* - "Umm... I don't know."

We recognize the challenges of connecting with students, especially on "delicate" subjects,
but we also recognize how incredibly important it is to have these conversations,

Below are several resources on how to learn, lead, and know more about you child!
We only get a small portion of time with your students each week, so we want
to make sure you are as equipped as possible for any questions or
conversations that come your way.

Parenting Articles

Parent Cue 

"Parent Cue is a team of family experts and everyday parents working together to help you make every moment count as you launch your kids on their next big adventure."

Plugged In

"Plugged In is designed to shine a light on the world of popular entertainment while giving families the essential tools they need to understand, navigate, and impact the culture in which they live."

The Gospel Coalition

"We are a fellowship of evangelical churches deeply committed to renewing our faith in the gospel of Christ and reforming ministry to conform fully to the Scriptures."

Parenting books

Generation Z Unfiltered

"This generation of students who have grown up in the 21st century are the most social, the most empowered, and also the most anxious youth population in human history. If you are struggling to connect with and lead them, you are not alone. For their sake, and for the future success of our world, it’s time we started seeing Generation Z—unfiltered."


"In this life-giving book, Paul Tripp offers parents much more than a to-do list. Instead, he presents us with a big-picture view of God’s plan for us as parents. Freed from the burden of trying to manufacture life-change in our children’s hearts, we can embrace a grand perspective of parenting overflowing with vision, purpose, and joy."

10 Questions Every Teen Should Ask

"Going to school, hanging out with friends, or scrolling through social media feeds, teenagers are sure to face real challenges to faith in Jesus Christ. This book doesn’t dodge tough questions. Instead, it invites teenagers to ask their hardest questions about Christianity and to find surprising, life-giving answers."

Family Worship 

"Gathering together for worship is an indispensable part of your family’s spiritual life. It is a means for God to reveal himself to you and your loved ones in a powerful way. This practical guide will prove invaluable to families as they practice God-glorifying, Christ-exalting worship through Bible reading, prayer, and singing."

Starting Conversations

"That" Talk...